KUROS Pepper Spray

The KUROS pepper spray. The same can carried by hundreds of thousands of women across the globe. A sign of solidarity amongst your sisters.

Help women around the world defend themselves by choosing this sleek KUROS Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring. KUROS pepper spray doesn’t only provide one of SABRE Red’s most on practical on-the-go options, but also helps give women around the world A Fighting Chance.

Every teal can of SABRE pepper spray helps KUROS provide protection to at risk populations of women around the globe!

Police strength (maximum heat)
Reliable – #1 brand trusted by police worldwide
Durable key case with finger grip helps you aim pepper spray in the right direction, improving accuracy and retention of your product
Greater protection at a safe distance – 25 bursts (up to 5x the competition) at up to 10 feet away
Reduced wind blow-back due to stream delivery
Better value with a 4-year shelf life (double the competition)
Compact size: 0.54 oz (16.2 mL)
BONUS: Quick Release Key Ring provides immediate access to spray when keys are in ignition or lock