With Every Purchase, KUROS Gives FREE Pepper Spray to Those in Need.

KUROS gives free pepper spray to at-risk groups around the world. #aFightingChance

Learn Their Stories:

Usha - Lucknow, India

"Things are hard for the girls here. We are not allowed outside of the house after 6pm... We need a way for us to feel safe. Pepper Spray is the best option for this." Watch her interview here.

"Maria" - El Salvador

"Every time we head into the city, we do not know if it will be for the last time. While it is still dangerous, at least we are no longer defenseless." Interview withheld for security reasons. 

Elizabeth - South Africa

"As a mother, it is heart breaking seeing our children turned into victims... but with the pepper spray I am confident that we can defend ourselves and our children."  Watch her interview here.

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