•LIMITED RELEASE• KUROS® Shweshwe Lunchbox (Tausi)

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This gives us the feeling of: The Peacocks at Mayfield Park in Austin, Texas.

Tausi comes from the Swahilli word for Peacock, and this lunch box is just as fun and loud!


Each Shweshwe lunch box is constructed entirely by hand in Kathmandu, Nepal using Da Gama Shweshwe sourced from Africa; this is the finest example of Shweshwe available. The Shweshwe fabric has a long & rich history in the country, spanning hundreds (if not thousands) of years back and is often referred to as the "Denim of South Africa"


Durable Shweshwe(cotton) exterior, with a padded foil-lined interior; this lunchbox will keep your food insulated in style. As with every Kuros! product, the purchase of this lunch box provides a can of pepper spray to a woman in need.


Fun Fact: At present, Da Gama is the only known producer of traditional Indigo Dyed Discharge Printed Fabric in the world!