The U.N. estimates that 60% of women worldwide will experience sexual or gender based violence during their lifetime.*

Private organizations estimate these numbers to be near 90% for women in developing countries.

2.9 Billion Women...

whose day-to-day decisions are directly impacted by their personal safety situation. This lack of safety affects everything from their education to employment opportinities. 

The KUROS mission is to enhance their mobility, by enhancing their safety.

Taking a proactive approach to combating sexual assault and gender based violence.

Pepper Spray...

is commonly carried by tens of millions of women in the United States; yet, for women in developing countries access to personal safety devices like pepper spray is economically & logistically unattainable.

So we make it available to these women. Free of charge.

We partner with Women's Rights groups around the world to reach at-risk populations in need.

We fund our efforts, through the sale of ethically made KUROS products.

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