Himalayan Lunchbox (Tausi) - Limited Edition

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This gives us the feeling of: The Peacocks at Mayfield Park in Austin, Texas.

Tausi comes from the Swahilli word for Peacock, and this lunch box is just as fun and loud!

Durable Shweshwe(cotton) exterior, with a padded foil lined interior; this lunchbox will keep your food insulated in style. As with every Kuros! product, the purchase of this lunch box provides a can of pepper spray to a woman in need.

Each Kuros! Shweshwe lunch box is constructed entirely by hand in Kathmandu, Nepal using Da Gama Shweshwe sourced from Africa; this is the finest example of Shweshwe available. The Shweshwe fabric has a long & rich history in the country, spanning hundreds (if not thousands) of years back and is often referred to as the "Denim of South Africa"

Fun Fact: At present, Da Gama is the only known producer of traditional Indigo Dyed Discharge Printed Fabric in the world!